Shipping Weight: 2.25 pounds
Item Weight: 1 KG
Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 4.2 x 10.5 inches
Item model number: 1-Nozzles
Color: White
Material: ABS
Batteries Included?: No
Superior hygiene: feel fresh when you use the soothing, cleansing power of water instead of rough, dingy toilet paper! Our Supreme model has dual nozzles for rear and front (female) cleaning as well as adjustable pressure control
Sleek design: turn your bathroom into a spa with Bidet Washlet™ beautifully designed toilet bidets, featuring chrome-plated control knobs for a stylish look
Easy to install: fits neatly under your toilet seat and comes with all the components you need to get your bidet up and running in minutes. No plumber or complicated tools needed
Easy to use & maintain: simple, intuitive designed control panel enables easy operation, with fully adjustable water pressure and easy front and rear cleaning powered by a discreet retractable nozzle
High quality & customer service: ceramic core internal valve for fewer leaks and safer operation.

Fits standard toilets and most one piece toilets (does not fit one piece French curve models).

A New Standard of Comfort – Bidet Wash Attachments provide a more soothing cleaning experience as opposed to using toilet paper. Cleaning with toilet paper is often abrasive to a person’s sensitive areas. Plus toilet paper can contain perfumes which may lead to further irritation.
Good for the environment – Over 9 million trees are cut down to make toilet paper every year. By cutting back on our toilet paper consumption, we can reduce our overall paper waste.

Medical Conditions – Bidet Wash Attachments are great for those who have particular medical conditions. For example, you might have diminished strength in your hands or arms. Any patient who has gone through surgery in that region would also get relief and comfort with a new bidet.

For Women & New Mothers – Menstrual periods oftentimes may produce unfresh feelings. Using water to wash will help you feel clean. Mothers who have given birth recently may be extra sensitive in that area. Making use of a bidet’s wash features can be a more soothing and relaxing way to go.

More Hygienic – Washing with water more effectively reduces the likelihood of bacteria germinating. In fact, using only toilet paper can actually spread bacteria across an area as opposed to cleaning it away! Bidet usage can also provide a hands-free experience – your hands stay on your lap, while the bidet seat works beneath you. It’s hands-free.

Attachable bidets became very popular in the world over the past few years as a replacement to toilet paper. They have all the features of a stand-alone bidet, but they will make your life easier as an all-in-one-place solution. Our amazing Bidet attachments offer adjustable sprays, adjustable pressure and more great features from the control panel. They are still inexpensive, and holding a great mechanical (non-electric) and ergonomic design, bringing to your home, what we call “The Future of Hygiene”. Water Cleans You Better than Paper – Water is more effective at cleaning you than dry paper. Our bidet attachments offer a similar water spray or the same kind of controls that a stand-alone bidet or bidet toilet seat. They’re smaller and fit between your existing toilet and toilet seat. But the best part: You don’t need to replace the existing seat! As they offer most the functions of a stand-alone bidet or bidet seat, our bidet attachments work just like their big brothers. Our attachments will spray water from their dual nozzles. A great feature is these self-cleaning dual nozzles are also retractable (when not in use) allowing for the feminine wash for the females in the house and posterior wash for the whole family, avoiding the need for unpleasant maintenance efforts and they will provide a fresh shower clean feeling. The basic ability of the bidet & Benefits of Bidet attachment Removing faeces remaining after elimination, aiding feminine hygiene for menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum cleansing, cleaning before & after bed activity, assist senior citizens and disabled individuals, relief haemorrhoids pain and itch, relieves constipation and prevent many diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI), among many other great health benefits. Note: Bide is suitable for most WCs but some modern models may need to put spacers of 2-3mm under pre-fixed discs. Spacers are not included in the kit