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FFP2 / N95 Face Masks 10 in a pack

Masks are crucial in the fight against Covid-19

Covering of face and mouth has become all the more important in the wake of the gradual easing of the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. The WHO has also laid down guidelines for the wearing masks while travelling in public transport and visiting public spaces.

Face masks combined with other preventive measures such as frequent hand washing, keeping a distance of 2m while at the grocery store and other public places are aimed at making one confident while venturing out and also slowing the spread of virus to others.

Medical Science tells us that the virus is held in droplets that emerge from our mouths and noses. By covering our face with a mask, the transmission of droplets could be avoided. According to health experts as a preventive measure, the masks should be worn while dealing with hundreds of strangers every day.

A protection accessory

Fresh evidence suggests that the spread of the virus can be contained significantly, if the wearing of masks becomes a norm among the people. After the initial debate, the utility of masks during the Covid-19 pandemic seems widely accepted now.

Using face-masks in public is very useful in minimising community transmission and burden of Covid-19, provided their coverage level is high where other social distancing measures are followed.

Our range of masks

Washlets Migration is offering masks of highest quality to customers. Our masks provide protection from air borne particles and are also easy to wear. On offer are two types of masks, a three-ply filter surgical mask with ear loops that provides protection against airborne germs and KN95 or N95 disposable protective-mask.

The three-ply filter surgical masks are available in a pack of 50 costing 39.95 pounds. While the KN95 masks are available in a pack of 10 priced at 39.95 pound and also in a pack of five priced at 19.95 pounds.

Attributes of Bidet-Wash masks 

Different types of mask offer different levels of protection. Surgical grade N95 respirators offer the highest level of protection against Covid-19 infection, followed by surgical grade masks. An N95 respirator (also called an FFP2 mask) is a piece of personal protective equipment that is effective at protecting the wearer  

Surgical masks

Our three-ply surgical mask is a disposable mask. It aims to provide protection against infectious agents that are transmitted through respiratory droplets, which can be in the form of saliva or any respiratory secretions. According to health experts, this is the type of moisture found in the air we breathe out that allows the coronavirus to spread from person to person. They also point out that wearing of the mask proves helpful in case a person is displaying asymptomatic symptoms (not visible). As there are less chances of transmission of the virus among other people.

The size of the mask is 17.5×9.5cm. The outer layer is constructed of a protective non-woven fabric, followed by a pre- filtration layer and finally a melt blown non- woven fabric with a density of 25 g. The melt blown filter is capable of blocking 95 percent of airborne particles. According to medical experts, the three layers have their specific functions. The outer layer is intended to repel water and body fluids, the middle melt-blown layer acts as a filter to prevent germs from entering or exiting the mask and the inner layer is intended to absorb water, sweat and spit. The 3-ply surgical mask is effective as KN95 respirators.

KN-95 or N95 masks

The “95” in KN-95 mask represents the 95% filtration it has of particles that are the size of respiration droplets, which are said to carry the coronavirus. These masks also happen to provide effective protection against other viruses which are also transported in respiratory droplets.  The N-95 face masks can filter out up to 95% of the particles in the air that the wearer breathes in. It is also called the FFP2 mask.

  •  FFP2 grade (N95 equivalent)
  • Meets WHO Coronavirus latest guidance
  • Protects the respiratory system
  • Easy to use

How to wear a mask

Before putting on the mask ensure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands with soap and water or any good quality hand sanitiser gel. This is a drill which should be followed each time you put on the mask.   Masks need to be worn properly with a tight fit while venturing outside for proper protection. Ensure it’s not damaged or broken, but always pick it up by the fastenings, rather than the mask itself (whether that be headbands, ear loops or ties).

No hassle of Maintenance

As these are disposable masks, one does not have to worry about disinfecting them each time these are used. Also, there are standard studies that suggest to throw the masks away once these are used.

Get the face mask that provides the level of filtration you are satisfied, is comfortable to wear and within a price range that is in your budget.